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You can clearly hear and see his Irish roots. Ginger hair, plaid shirt and a big grin on his face. Born in Mannheim he lived his whole life in Germany but started making music inspired by singer/songwriters like Damien Rice, Jason Mraz or City & Colour at the age of thirteen. Ofield sings about the moments that make up life. He holds on to every instant and writes songs about them instead of letting them slip away. He realized early on that he can reach people much better through song rather than simple spoken words. Listening to Ofield means feeling alive. Share a moment with him and in return you’ll get one you will never forget.

Early in 2014 he debuted on stage and has since been passionately pursuing a career as a touring artist. In 2015 he released his first EP called So Many Times which garnered attention and provided him airplay in Germany. In 2016 he performed on over 50 stages and released his first music video to his single If You Believe In Me. 2017 has already started huge with a gig at a German ice hockey arena in front of 25.000 people. Right now he is scheduling his first headliner tour to promote his upcoming second EP starting in the fall.

Ofield doesn’t want to be the best but the best version of himself. Now.